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Transforming "anything" has been a longtime passion of mine.
Furniture, however, is at the top of my list!!
In this section you will see examples of what can be done to dated,
dark pieces of furniture.
Do you have a piece you want to make into an "after"?
Email /
text / 201-221-6159
I need a picture of your piece
 any picture of your vision for it.
( Pinterest is a great place for ideas !! )
Once I have that, we can discuss what can be done to your
"before" to make it a fabulous "after"!!!
( it also helps to send pics of your home where the piece will be placed )
  Everything in this section is either custom work done for a client,
or, pieces that I did for Not Too Shabby.
Even though Not Too Shabby is closed, I still LOVE to paint and transform.
I am no longer located in North Jersey.  I am now in South Florida.
I paint on site.  In your home.  In your garage ( if it is temperature controlled )
so there is no need to hassle with moving furniture.
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