Mosaic Classes, Hand Painted Furniture
......The textbook "definition" of mosaics....... create a picture or design by setting small colored pieces onto a surface.......
For me.... it is much much more. I became intrigued with the art years ago and after several attempts on my own, decided instruction was not only a good idea... but very necessary. After classes with two different teachers I decided I was "ready" to try it again.
Mosaics is a wonderful creative outlet. There is NO limit to what you use to mosaic as well as what you mosaic onto.... dishes, colored glass, marbles, old silverware, jewelry, shells, stones, glass beads ..... and the list goes on and on....
Before you get started you need to learn a few basic techniques.
The class is a 6 week series..... one night a week ( and the night is flexible ) from 6:30-9:00..... All supplies are included. You will be working on a 16 x 16 board..... once completed the board can be mounted on a base and made into a side table... or , it can be used as a wall hanging. Learning on a board gives you the opportunity to learn all the cutting and leveling techniques that you will need for future projects.
Cost of the class is $350.00
If after taking the first class you would like to continue...... I offer an "advanced" class. In this class, you bring your own piece of furniture to work on.....
...... take a look at completed class projects..... please keep in mind these are from the beginner class !!!

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